About Us

The Just Kampers Hire community makes campervan rental accessible, secure and hassle-free for everyone, so you can just enjoy the ride!

The campervan community is one fuelled with stories of discovery and adventure, from couples romancing at a secluded spot near the beach, to families reconnecting on their first road trip together.

However, many campervan owners can’t use their vans as often as they’d like meaning vans and adventurers are missing out on making memories together. And this is where Just Kampers Hire steps in to connect people and put the life back in ‘vanlife’.

The Just Kampers Hire community provides a secure and straightforward space for van owners and customers alike to start their own campervan journey together. We want to make the experience simple and fun – like life on the road itself - as our community discovers the world of campervan hire.


Campervans give you the ultimate freedom and we want everyone to experience that open road feeling that we love, with whomever you choose to share it. We also want to give freedom to our owners, who can list their camper in a way that suits them, for free!


It’s time to discover and rediscover, close to home and further afield, together, alone, and always amongst new friends. We’ve designed our website to make it easier than ever to connect van owners and customers to start your own journeys of discovery.


The love of campervans is for sharing. Behind every great camper is an even greater campervan owner who will enrich your trip with local knowledge and experiences. Just Kampers Hire brings together people who are passionate about campervans.


Campervans are the best storytellers and we want to give everyone the chance to tell their own vanlife story. We aspire to a Just Kampers Hire community that breathes new life into campervans across the UK though every new hire adventure.

How did the Just Kampers Hire community begin?

When Mark met Karl: A meeting of minds and love for campers!

Mark’s life-long love for everything VW began in the mid-80s, when campers were easy to buy and didn’t leave a dent in your savings. Not long after, his love of adventures and tinkering on his VWs soon became all-encompassing and what started as just a passion become a passionate career and, in 1989, Just Kampers was born.

30 years on, Mark is the MD at Just Kampers and his business continues to grow from strength to strength. His love for the vans still lives on, and the 7 VWs on his driveway are his pride and joy. Mark started thinking about if there was a way he could confidently rent out his campervans for other people to enjoy whilst helping him to justify, and supplement, his ‘hobby’, getting the vans to pay their way…

Then, in 2020, over lunch, Mark was introduced to fellow campervan owner and entrepreneur Karl. Between swapping stories of their road-trip adventures, the mention of a campervan hire platform came up. With Karl’s background in e-commerce and venture business and Mark’s knowledge of all-things-campervan, they decided to combine their expertise and join forces to create a company that would go above and beyond to make campervan hire a safe, secure and user-friendly experience for everyone.

And so, the first 2 members of the Just Kampers Hire community were born...

Join our community and list your van today!

As our community grows, we welcome you to get onboard and join us!

Whether you have a campervan that you would like to hire out between your own holidays or have a small business and want to reach a wider audience, you can start your listing today and connect with people who want to rent your camper. We offer help and support to get your campervan listing ready for your customers and at every step of your journey, get in touch.

Meet The Team

Mark Reynolds

Co-founder & Director

Karl Moss

Co-founder & Director

Lydia Smith

Head of Operations

Eleanor Ferrari

Marketing & Operations Coordinator

Kim Pierce

Social & Content

Dave Edwards

Digital Marketing