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What you need to know about campervan hire insurance

Just Kampers Insurance has got you covered!

All vehicles listed on our Just Kampers Hire website will include comprehensive insurance* and breakdown cover for hire drivers and we’re here to make that simple for you and for the customer.

As well as making sure all campers are fully insured for hire drivers, we also take a £750 security deposit from the customer and handle any disputes to ensure you’re covered from every angle.


£500 insurance excess**


EU cover


£3,500 breakdown assistance

£750 security deposit

One of the first steps in getting your camper ready for rental is making sure that you’re insured for hire drivers. If you already have insurance that covers your campervan for rental, that’s great and you can simply include this in your listing! If not, you just need your standard insurance policy and we will cover the hire drivers with our comprehensive Just Kampers Insurance.

With over 30 years’ experience working with campervans, we know a thing or two about keeping you and your camper covered so that you can make the most of the rental opportunities ahead. Regardless of your situation and experience in insuring your camper for hire, this guide will help you get started and hopefully answer all your insurance related questions.

I have my own insurance for hire drivers

If you already have an insurance and breakdown policy that covers your campervan for hire, you can simply use your own. When you create your listing on our website, you’ll be asked if you have a valid policy for hire drivers.

You must, however, familiarise yourself with all the necessary information that you’ll need from the customer to ensure your policy is valid, for example you might need proof of their address. If you are unsure about what your policy includes, you should contact your insurance provider direct to make sure your vehicle, and the customer, are both covered.

When it comes to setting a price for your campervan hire, it’s important to factor in the cost of your insurance. If you want to learn more about how to price your vehicle effectively, visit our Pricing & Payment page.

My current policy doesn’t cover hire drivers

If your insurance policy doesn’t cover you for hiring out your campervan, don’t worry, just let us know when you creating your listing. Our Just Kampers Hire Insurance and Breakdown policy has your camper and your customers fully covered at no extra charge to you.

How does Just Kampers Insurance plan work?

Our insurance and breakdown cover for hire drivers will be automatically added to your rental if you don’t have your own already. You must however have your own standard insurance policy in place for us to add this hire cover. We will add this on to all bookings for your vehicle and this is paid for by the customer as part of their overall booking price. All pricing is transparent and they will see all elements of their booking price including your camper, the insurance policy and the breakdown cover.

The insurance policy will be in the customer's name and we check all their details through our secure online portal, making it a hassle-free way for you to offer a safe and secure service.

How much does your insurance and breakdown cover cost the customer?

For our insurance and breakdown cover, the customer will pay from £18 per day for insurance and from £5 per day for breakdown cover.

What’s included in Just Kampers Insurance?

Covers all types of campervans from classic to conversions
Drivers aged between 21 and 89
Any Driver option available
EU driving cover
Theft by hirer cover
£100k legal cover
£2k personal belongings cover
£1K awning cover
Driver option to include up to 4 drivers on the policy
Excess from only £500**
Audio cover limited to £1,000
Windscreen cover including repair and replacement

We recommend that you review the full Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions to understand how you are covered.

What’s included in the breakdown cover?

Roadside assistance, onward journey assistance
Up to £3,500 worth of breakdown assistance
Emergency accommodation costs
EU foreign use***

Take a look at the Rescue Policy product information.

Who provides your insurance plan?

Our insurance is provided through Just Kampers Insurance Services trading name of Herts Insurance Consultants.

If you are interested in taking out an annual insurance policy for campervan hire, call Just Kampers Insurance Services on 01256 449 396.

Here you can review Just Kampers Insurance Service, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Terms of BusinessPrivacy Policy

*Subject to approval from our Insurance Policy terms and conditions

**Excess may be higher for some customers

***A supplement will apply on checkout for EU breakdown cover