Do I need safety equipment to be able to list my camper?

To list your camper on Just Kampers Hire, you must have a fire extinguisher available in your camper for the rental period. You are also required to have a copy of the current MOT certificate in your vehicle.

If you have fixed LPG gas appliances in your campervan or motorhome, such as gas cookers or fires, these must be safety-checked and serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer every year. A copy of the current certificate must also be kept in your vehicle.

Can I list more than one vehicle on the site?

Yes, you can list as many vehicles as you like under your profile. You can view all your listed vehicles, including draft listings, and add new vehicles in your account under ‘My Listings’. We would love to help you maximise your bookings across all of your vehicles which is why we make it easy for you to manage all of your listings in one place under your profile.

Can I list my converted vehicle?

Yes, we want our customers to have the widest choice when searching for their next road trip. Converted vehicles are a great way for customers to have a unique holiday experience in a tailored camper that suits their preferences. We, of course, ask that your camper is well maintained and in good technical order.

When listing your converted vehicle make sure that you

  1. In your listing, introduce the special features of your conversion and what makes it unique.
  2. Add personality to your listing by explaining any back story to your vision.
  3. Photograph your camper inside and out, include photos of the unique features to make your listing stand out. Staged photos in nature will help you to get the most bookings for your listing.

Is there a fee to list my camper?

No, it is completely free to list your campervan on Just Kampers Hire. We do not charge you a fee to list your campervan.

We have a transparent pricing policy whereby we only take a Service Charge in the form of a commission from the rental price when you receive a confirmed a booking. There are no additional associated fees or charges to you.

If you list your campers on Just Kampers Hire then we take 10% + VAT from the full rental price of your confirmed bookings.

If you are a VAT registered business you will be able to claim back any VAT on our commission. We will provide you with a VAT receipt.

How much rent can I charge for my vehicle?

You are in control of your pricing and can decide how much to charge for your vehicle. When you list your camper we will ask you for a nightly rate for your vehicle.

You can choose a nightly rate for high season (June – August), mid season (March – April and September – October) and low season (November – February). We recommend a reduction off your high season rate of 25% for mid season and 50% for low season. You can simply select to auto calculate these seasonal amounts in your listing or set your own prices.

When setting your pricing, we advise that you compare your listing to similar campers in your area that are already on Just Kampers Hire to help you understand the current market prices.

As a new advertiser, we recommend that you start with slightly lower pricing as customers will be comparing your camper to those who already have posted reviews. As you build up your review listings, you can then start to increase your pricing accordingly to reach the level you feel is fair and achievable.

Find out more on our Pricing and Payment page

What you should consider when setting the rent for your camper and comparing your listing to others:

  • Demand and season
  • Age of your vehicle
  • Type of vehicle
  • The number of sleeping berths
  • Location of your vehicle
  • Features and facilities of your vehicle
  • The Ground Rules for your camper
  • The number of positive reviews that you have

And remember, the better the quality of your photos in your listing, the more likely you are to convert bookings at a good price.

How do I update my pricing?

You can update the pricing for your vehicle at any time in ‘My Listings’. Perhaps you feel that you could get more for your listing, you’ve since got more reviews or you think by lowering the price you’d be more likely to get a confirmed booking.

You can only change the pricing of your vehicle for new bookings. If you already have a confirmed booking this agreed rental will remain unaffected. The only reason for changing the agreed rental price on a booking is if the customer’s requirements change, see clause 10.6 in our terms and conditions.

How do I load and manage my availability?

You are in control of when your vehicle is available for rent. There is no minimum or maximum period for which your vehicle must be available and you can add or remove dates at any time. However, you do have the option, within your listing, to set a minimum night rental if you choose. Some owners like this option as it means less turnaround of the camper and therefore fewer handovers.

You can also set the number of days that you want to leave between rentals if you want to give yourself more time for turnaround.

Within the listing for your camper, there is an availability calendar. Simply select the dates when you would like to rent out your camper, the calendar is available for up to 24 months in advance. Your camper will then show to customers in availability searches for those dates.

If you already have a confirmed booking for your camper, then you must honour this booking and can only change availability for future searches. Any changes to availability for a confirmed booking would be classed as a cancellation and you would be liable for any cancellation costs. Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Do I need to remove my campervan if I don't want to rent it out for a while?

No. If you decide that you do not want to rent your vehicle out for a while, you do not need to remove your camper listing. Your listing can stay live meaning it is quick and easy for you to load availability when you’re ready to rent your camper again.

Using the availability calendar in your individual camper listings, you can simply select the days that your camper is available to hire.

You can manage the availability for your camper in your profile under ‘My Listings’.

How do I become a ‘featured vehicle’'?

Featured vehicles are at least 20% more likely to get a booking. As a featured vehicle you will benefit from:

  • A rotating listing on our homepage
  • A rotating listing on the destination page for your region
  • A minimum of one social media post

To be a featured vehicle, your listing must have:

  • Complete listing profile
  • Vehicle description text of at least 250 words
  • At least 10 high quality photos
  • At least 12 weeks availability in a 12 month period

Contact us to tell us why your camper should be featured.

What pictures should I upload to my advert?

The photos you upload of your camper are your best-selling tool, they are what can make your camper stand out in search results and they give the customer their first impression of your camper making them want to know more.

Bring your camper to life, help the customer to really imagine their trip.

Every listing must have a minimum of 5 high quality photos. You can upload up to 30 photos. To make your advertisement as attractive as possible, your photos should be:

  • Landscape format (horizontal, wider than taller) in a 4:3 ratio.
  • A jpg (recommended) or png file ideally 1200 x 900 pixels or larger at 1600 x 1200. If your image is too small, it may be removed from the website and we will contact you to request that you to upload a larger image.
  • Try to include photos of your camper on a trip, in nature and on a sunny day. Make your camper shine!
  • Take photos of both inside and outside the camper
    • Exterior photos: Also try to include photos of your camper set up with your camping accessories in use, maybe showing the awning or camping table.
    • Interior photos: When taking photos of the interior, make sure your lights are turned on to enhance the quality and give your camper a cosy feeling. Try to show every area of the camper including the kitchen, living area and bathroom if relevant – take these photos a little distance away to help the customer understand the layout of your camper. Show the bed both made-up and stored away.
  • Photograph useful extra features such as the cooking facilities, storage space or bike rack. Give the customer the full picture of their experience in your

Campers with 10 good quality photos or more get 20% more bookings.

Can I add a video to my listing?

Not yet, this feature will be available in the coming weeks and we will notify all owners with listings on our site when a video can be uploaded.

Adding a video to your listing will increase engagement and help convert bookings. Present your video as an introduction to your campervan, as if you were giving the customer a tour or the features and facilities so they can really understand what it would be like to holiday in your vehicle.

You will be able to add a .mov file. Videos can be loaded with or without sound, please edit your video before uploading in your preferred format. It doesn’t need to be a professional video, you can simply use your mobile phone, but we do ask for a good quality recording with a steady hand, filmed in landscape (horizonal aspect).

What should I put in the vehicle description?

A good advert can help you get more bookings for your camper at a better rate. Try to aim for between 250 - 500 words.

This description is your opportunity to sell your camper, introduce its personality, unique features, customisation, little quirks and what makes your camper special and comfortable above other listings. Always be honest, clear and concise.

As part of the Just Kampers Hire community, your approach should always be personal and friendly. Your listing will automatically pull specific details about your camper from the DVLA when you enter your registration number. This includes the make and model, fuel type and engine size so you need not list these here, only include those details that are especially relevant to your camper and its hire e.g a beautifully restored VW T2 Split Screen or a brand-new VW T6.1 conversion with a solid hard top.

Some things you may wish to include are:

  • How long have you owned your camper? What do you love about it?
  • What is special about your camper above another listing?
  • Does the location of your camper make it easy to access tourist sites or areas of natural beauty?
  • For older campers, when was your camper restored? Does it have an interesting past life?
  • What is the layout of the beds? Are they single or double? Do you have a special mattress?
  • How many people can your camper seat?
  • What bathroom and kitchen facilities does your camper offer?
  • Is your camper easy to drive or are there some quirks the customer should be aware of? Is it a nippy or more leisurely drive?
  • Why is your camper perfect for a romantic break, for families or for those travelling with their pet, for example?
  • What sort of experience does your camper offer? Modern or classic? Cosy or slick? Is it tailored more to wild camping or to full-comfort camping? Is it better for a short break or longer holiday?
  • Include some of the conveniences of your camper, e.g, solar panels, built-in extra storage or built-in kitchen appliances.
  • Do you have any personal touches you have added for the customer? E.g, games, a welcome pack, tourist guides, suggested itineraries?
  • During times of COVID-19 you may want to highlight the sanitising procedures you have in place between rentals to ensure their safety.

Why do you need a copy of my ID?

We use real-time identity verification to make sure that you are who you say you. We ask the same checks of both customers and owners to ensure security and transparency within our community and prevent fraud.

As a mandatory process to confirm your listing, we will ask you to scan a copy of your driver’s licence, this is then compared to a real-time selfie taken by you. The process is fully automated in real-time and the details of your driving licence are never shared publicly on our website.

We will only ask you to verify your identity once which is when you first you set up your profile.

How do I set a mileage limit?

You will have to set the mileage limit on your listing per day and per annum. 12,000 miles is often the standard annual limit although with an older camper you may want to limit this to something around the 6,000 mile-mark. Some things you will want to consider:

  • Your insurance policy - It is essential that you check your insurance policy as most policies will have a maximum annual milage.
  • Personal travel – How often do you use the campervan yourself? It is important to include personal travel as well as that of the hirer.
  • Your location – Do you live close to an area of natural beauty? Is the customer likely to stay within your local area or travel to a tourist area further afield?
  • European travel – If you are including the option for the customer to take your camper to Europe then you will need to consider this when calculating your milage limits.

Should I set a cleaning cost?

You do not need to set a cleaning cost with your camper. When setting up your listing you can select if you want the customer to return your camper already cleaned after their holiday. However, if you would prefer to clean the campervan yourself on return, then in the coming weeks you will have the option to add a fixed cost within your listing to cover cleaning if you prefer.

If you have asked the customer to return the camper in a clean state and it has not been cleaned, then you can charge £10 per hour per 15 minutes of work up to a maximum of £150. See Clause 2 in our terms and conditions.

Is my information secure?

Yes, we respect your privacy and we are committed to protecting your personal data, you can feel confident that any data shared with us will only be used for its intended purpose.

We have appropriate security measures in place to prevent your personal data from being lost, used or accessed in an unauthorised way. We also limit access to your personal data to only those who have a business need to know who are subject to a duty of confidentiality.

You can find out more about how we look after and use your personal data in our privacy policy.

Do I need to provide linen?

You do not need to provide linen when you hire out your campervan but listings that include bedding and towels are more popular with customers as it can make their holiday preparation simpler.

Whichever option you choose, please make it clear in your listing if your campervan will include linen or not so that the customer can plan accordingly. In the coming weeks you will have the option to be able to charge a supplement for linen should you choose.

How do I download the app?

The Just Kampers Hire app will launch shortly and is an easy way to manage your bookings and the handover process. You will be able to find further details here and we will email all owners listing on out site so you download it at that time.

How do I get good reviews?

Good reviews help new customers feel more confident booking your campervan, they trust other customers’ opinions and it makes your listing more credible. Here are some ways in which you can impress your customers and help you get good reviews:

  • Quick response times – make the booking process quick and easy for customer. We recommend you always respond within 24 hours of receiving communication from a customer if you are not using the Instant Book option.
  • Introduce your camper on collection – all campervans are unique, let people understand how to drive your vehicle and use the facilities to make sure they have an easy holiday.
  • Accessories – if your camper has accessories for the customer to use and enjoy during their trip, make sure you highlight these and show them where to find them!
  • Personal touches – Surprise and delight your customers; even something as simple as a pack of local fudge or a pack of handwarmers to make customers feel especially welcome.
  • Top tips – personal service will really make you stand out. Perhaps you know great camping spots, the most scenic routes or the best pit stops.

How do I get more customers?

We want to help you get the most from your listing so that you can secure the maximum amount of bookings for your campervan each year.

Your listing is your shop window, if you’re not getting as many bookings as you expected then check that your listing is as complete and engaging as it can be and priced competitive in the marketplace:

  • Description - you can have up to 500 words. Have you told the customer what is unique about your camper and made the most of the personality and features?
  • Photos - listings with more photos generally perform better. Make sure your photos are good quality, that they show your campervan set up for a holiday, ideally in nature, and that you show both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Video (coming soon) - this is a way to give a personal insight to your camper, a guided tour. The more a customer sees of your vehicle, the more they can imagine themselves there.
  • Availability and minimum night stay - have you got plenty of availability during popular high season dates? Have you set a restrictive minimum night stay meaning customers have less flexibility? It may be worth reviewing your calendar to secure more bookings.
  • Pricing - if you’re not getting many bookings, we suggest that you compare your listing to similar campervans in your area that are on our website to make sure you have priced your vehicle correctly for the current marketplace.
  • Reviews - the more positive reviews you have, the more comfortable a customer will feel renting your campervan. Quick response times and little details such as a small local welcome gift or a guest book can help to improve your reviews.
  • Accessories - are you including everything that the customer might need to make their holiday easy if they’re not a regular camper? Including linen and cleaning on return can make your listing more attractive.

If you would like any advice on your listing, please contact us


How do I know I can trust the customer?

At Just Kampers Hire we use real-time identity verification to make sure that our customers are who they say they are ensuring security and transparency within our community to prevent fraud. At the same time, we will also verify their age meets the hire agreement terms.

All customers must scan a copy of their driver’s licence, this is then compared to a real-time selfie. This process is fully automated in real-time.

If the customer is using Just Kampers Insurance, we will also run a credit check.

Customers will also write a bio where you can learn more about them and understand their experiences and passions. If they have hired other campervans on our site then you can read reviews from other owners to make you feel more confident in renting to this person.

What If I don't want to accept a booking?

You always have the option to refuse a booking although we hope this would not happen with regularity and without good reason.

If you are taking advantage of the Instant Book facility, then you have a 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period where you can refuse a booking should there be a discrepancy with your calendar. When you get an Instant Booking confirmation, you will receive email notification giving you instructions to follow as to how you can refuse the booking if necessary.

If you are not using the Instant Book facility, then no bookings are confirmed until you approve them within your account. We ask that you aim to respond to booking requests within 24 hours of receiving them. When you get a booking request you will receive an email notification with instructions of how to approve or refuse the request.

Owners who respond positively to booking requests within 24 hours generally receive better review scores.

How can I best manage my pending bookings?

All confirmed and pending bookings will be shown within your Just Kampers Hire account.

If you are taking advantage of the Instant Book facility, then you have a 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period where you can refuse a booking if absolutely necessary. If you do not refuse the booking, the request will automatically be confirmed after 24 hours and you do not need to take any action to facilitate this.

If you are not using the Instant Book facility, then you will need to review and manually approve all booking requests. You should aim to respond to booking requests within 24 hours of receiving them. When you get a booking request you will receive an email notification with instructions of how to approve or refuse the request.

As soon as a confirmed or pending booking is made, your calendar will automatically close out these dates so you can’t receive any more requests for the same period.

How can I edit a customer’s booking?

Once you have accepted a booking you cannot amend it. The price and rental duration are fixed at time of accepting the booking. If the customer has requested to lengthen the duration of the rental, this can be amended in our system by you, the owner, contacting the Customer Services team at [email protected] or by calling 01482 699659. Shortly we will add the functionality so that the customer will be able to action this themselves on the website, we will let you know when this development is live.

If you need to make an amendment to a booking and the customer is not willing to accept this change, they are not obliged to do so. Should you then need to cancel the booking, our usual terms and conditions would apply.

Can I have two bookings on one day?

Yes you can, although we recommend you leave 24 hours between rentals. You manage your own collection and return times when you set up your listing so that this works for you. You can also choose a time that you want to leave between rentals should you wish to have a 24 or 48 hour turn-around to check and refresh your camper.

If you are considering renting out your campervan on the same day it is returned you must consider the following:

  • Will you be able to fulfil your promise to the customer who is collecting your campervan if it is returned late or dirty by the previous customer?
  • Are you leaving adequate time to complete all vehicle checks on return and submit the return form in our app?
  • Do you have time to check all appliances in your vehicle are in safe working order before the new customer arrives?

 PLEASE NOTE – during times of COVID-19 all vehicles should be fully sanitised as per our Just Kampers Hire guidelines. Therefore there will need to be a longer period between rentals and you must consider this when managing your calendar.

I have an issue with my vehicle and it may not be ready before the collection date. What do I do?

If your vehicle is not going to be available for a confirmed booking and you are unable to fulfil your commitment, then you must contact Just Kampers Hire as soon as possible on 01482 699659 or email [email protected].

If the reason for your campervan being unavailable is as a result of force majeure, then all monies will be returned to the customer and you will not be liable for any cancellation or rebooking costs but you may be liable for administrative costs incurred by Just Kampers Hire. See clause 5.3 and ‘definitions’ in our terms and conditions.

If the reason for your campervan not being available is not categorised as force majeure, then you are liable for standard cancellation charges as per our terms and conditions, see section 5 and Appendix B.

When will I receive rental requests for the first time?

As soon as you have completed your listing our team will verify it for you and publish it as live, you will receive an email notification to let you know as soon as this happens. Once your camper is live, you will appear in searches by customers on the website and you can receive your first booking request at any time.

If you sign-in to the website and go to ‘My Listings’ you can see your listings here and if they are ‘Live’ or ‘Pending’ (which means pending approval by our team) or ‘Draft’ in which instance you need to complete your listing before it can be submitted to and approved by our team.

What is ‘Instant Book’?

We have two options for you to choose from when creating your listing. You can choose ‘Instant Book’ or ‘Request to Book’. Our Instant Book facility makes it easy for you manage your bookings.

If you have loaded availability in your listing calendar, then the customer can choose to book any available dates on the Instant Book feature. This means that the customer will get an automatic booking confirmation although you, the owner, will have a 24 hour ‘cooling off’ period just in case there have been any problems with your availability. As soon as the customer makes the booking, the dates will be blocked off in your availability calendar and show as booked to anyone else looking to book your vehicle.

Owners who opt for Instant Book receive more bookings as this makes the process more streamlined for the customer.

What happens when I receive a booking request if I haven’t chosen ‘Instant Book’?

Once you receive a booking request you will be sent an email to notify you, and a notification will also appear on your account. You can then choose whether you want to accept or refuse the booking. When you accept or refuse a booking the customer will be notified, so we ask that you respond to any requests within 24 hours, if possible.

As soon as the customer makes the booking request, the dates will be blocked off in your availability calendar and show as booked to anyone else looking to book your vehicle. Should you not accept the booking then these dates would be released and would show as available again in your calendar. If you accept the booking the dates will continue to show your vehicle as booked for those dates automatically.

Owners who respond positively to booking requests within 24 hours generally receive better review scores against their listing.

Do I have to accept a request straight away?

We ask that owners respond to every booking within 24 hours, whether you are accepting or refusing it. As soon as you accept the booking our terms and conditions apply.

Once you receive a request, you will get an email notification with instructions of how to proceed.

How do I enter an additional cost?

This feature is not available just yet but we are hoping to offer this in the coming weeks. Once we are ready to do so, you will be given the option to add any extra amenities that you would like to and charge an additional fee for them.

You will be able to charge a supplement for popular amenities such as bed linen, bike racks, and a driveaway awning. You will also be able to charge for pets if you so wish. The full list of extra amenities will be available once this feature is live.

An email will go to everyone with a listing once it’s available, and you will be able to manage any extra amenities and their prices on your listing page.


How do I contact the customer?

As soon as a booking is confirmed, you and the customer will be able to message each other through our platform. When you receive message, you will also be sent an email copy and you will be able to read and reply through your email account rather than logging into the website if you prefer.

You will also receive the customer’s phone number at that time although we advise that as much commutation as possible is done via the messaging system on our platform.

We will use the email address that you have listed in your profile so please keep this up to date.

How and when do I contact the customer if details change?

Once you accept a booking, it is done so in good faith and in accordance with our terms and conditions.

If you need to make significant changes to a booking you should firstly contact the customer as soon as possible via our website and see if they are prepared and able to accept the changes although they are under no obligation to do so. If they do not want to accept any changes then you will be bound by our terms and conditions and you may be subject to cancellation charges.

If the customer accepts any changes to their booking, you will need to contact our Customer Services team for us to action this on our system.

If your contact details change, you must update these as soon as possible in our website and then this will automatically sync so you will still receive messages from the customer without having to notify them of any changes.

When will I get the customer's contact details?

As soon as a booking is confirmed, you will be able to message the customer on our platform and you will also be able to view their phone number. This way you can give them any additional information, or request any details from them that you might need for insurance purposes, in good time. We recommend you use the messaging system as much as possible rather than the phone to help you keep track of your communication and the customer can refer to details in retrospect.

All messages will also be sent directly to the email address that you have listed on your account and you can read and reply to messages in that way, rather than on our platform, if you prefer.

Can I give my phone number to the customer?

When a booking is confirmed, the customer will receive your phone number at the same time as you receive theirs. We recommend that you keep all contact on our platform and message the customer, this way information can be referred to when required. You will get immediate notifications as soon as you get a message making communication quick and easy.

We do suggest that the customer has your phone number to hand when they are away in your campervan should they have any immediate questions or concerns where they need your assistance and not have internet coverage.


Is my camper covered by insurance?

All vehicles that are listed on our website must have a valid insurance policy held by the owner, however, this policy doesn’t have to cover hire drivers, we will help you with this.

If you have your own policy that covers hire drivers you can simply use this for your bookings.

If your insurance policy doesn’t cover you for hire drivers, we will automatically add rental insurance and breakdown cover onto all your bookings and this is charged to the customer. To find out more about our insurance and how it works, you can visit our campervan hire insurance page.

Can I use my own insurance for rentals?

If your policy covers hire drivers then yes, you can use this. When you create your listing on our website, you’ll be asked if you have a valid policy for hire drivers, and you can input all the necessary details here.

You must, however, familiarise yourself with all the necessary information that you’ll need from the customer to ensure your policy is valid, for example you might need proof of their address. If you are unsure about what your policy includes, you should contact your insurance provider direct to make sure your vehicle, and the customer, are both covered.

When it comes to setting a price for your campervan hire, it’s important to factor in the cost of your insurance. If you want to learn more about how to price your vehicle effectively, visit our pricing guide page.

If I use my own insurance policy, can I still use your Security Deposit for damages?

Yes, we take £750 for all bookings and this will be used outside of the insurance policy for any breakages, or to cover the insurance excess. Breakages may include things like crockery, camping equipment and any additional extras you are offering to your guests that might not be worth putting on your insurance plan.

The deposit will also help settle any disputes or discrepancies that you might face with a customer, for example if the customer hasn’t refuelled the vehicle (if requested in your listing details) or if the vehicle comes back unclean (according to the agreed terms prior to rental).

The security deposit will be returned to the customer 7 days after the return of the rental, providing both parties agree to the condition of the camper on our app.

What do I do about insurance if the customer is taking my van to Europe?

In the Ground Rules section of your listing, you can choose to allow if customers may take your campervan to Europe. If you are using your own policy, you will need to check if it covers you for European travel before you add this option to your listing.

If the customer is using our insurance and breakdown covera then they will be covered for travel in Europe, view the full insurance policy


How are payments managed?

All payments are managed through our platform, with our partner Stipe. We invoice the customer when they are scheduled to pay, depending on which cancellation policy has been selected by you. This amount is then securely held until it is time to pay you.

You will receive the total booking price, minus our commission, directly into your bank account 48 hours after your campervan has been collected. We use the bank account details that you have given us when you set up your profile. It is vital that you check these details carefully and keep them up to date as we cannot be held responsible for any payments going missing due to incorrect bank details being given to us.

How do I guarantee the security of my payments?

We manage all payments through our partner Stipe, an integrated online payment processing platform.

Stripe is certified as PCI Level 1 which is the highest level of payments certification available. Their systems have been built with world-class security experts and fraud is minimised through machine learnings from data across their network. Your details stay within their platform and sensitive data will never be shared or hit your servers.

All of your data and payments are managed with integrity and diligence to ensure a smooth payment process.

How do I get paid?

We simply pay you directly to your bank account 48 hours after collection of your vehicle. We use the bank details you have entered in your profile, therefore it is essential that you check these details carefully and notify us of any changes.

If you need to update your bank details you can go back into your profile to edit these at any time. We can’t take any responsibility for monies going missing if the payment details have been inputted incorrectly.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid, directly into the bank account that you have given us, 48 hours after the collection of your vehicle.

How do I know if the customer has paid?

You will not be notified by us when the customer makes the payment, however, you can feel assured that we will send reminders to the customer in the run up to their payment due date and manage any late payments directly with the customer. If the customer doesn’t pay in a timely manner then we will cancel their booking and notify you of this.

The payment due date will depend on the cancellation policy that you have chosen when creating your listing. You can find further details about our cancellation policies in our terms and conditions.

Can I claim back VAT on the vehicle I have hired out?

 The commission that we take from your earnings for our services includes VAT. If you are a VAT registered business listing on Just Kampers Hire, we will provide you with a VAT receipt so you can claim this element back.


What are the pick-up and drop-off times?

You can set your own pick-up or drop-off times for your customers to collect your camper and can manage this in your campervan listing. If you are listing more than one camper, you will set the times individually for each listing.

It is important that you allow yourself enough time between rentals to check the vehicle on return and prepare it for the new customer. Late return is rare but always a possibility and you should consider this when setting your times. Should your camper be returned late, we charge the customer a late return fee of £75 per hour, which is specified in our terms and conditions.

 In light of COVID-19, it is especially important to consider any additional time you will need to spend cleaning the camper ready for the customers and providing any cleaning materials that you want to give customers prior to their holiday. We have created a blog on how best to clean your camper to ensure safety during times of COVID-19 that can help you with this.

You can also choose if you want to leave set times between rentals as part of your listing e.g, should you want to allow a 1 or 2 day buffer between bookings allowing you to carry out any appliance checks and cleaning measures. Again, this can be set and amended in ‘My Listings’.

How do I prepare my vehicle for pick up?

When the customer arrives to collect their vehicle, you want to have it ready to go to ensure a smooth and simple handover. There are several important things to consider when preparing your vehicle for your customer:

  • Maintenance check – check the gas cylinder, washer fluid and oil levels are all suitable, and check the tyres.
  • Important amenities check – make sure there is a fire extinguisher in your campervan and any other amenities or items that you have discussed with the customer e.g, tables and chairs.
  • Inventory – We will provide a document that will help you create an inventory of everything that is in your camper so that both you and the customer can easily check this together.
  • Cleaning and hygiene measures – Your camper should always be clean on collection. You can read our blog for tips on how clean your camper to ensure safety during times of COVID-19.
  • Ground Rules - remind yourself of the Ground Rules so that you can go through them with your customer.
  • Take it for a test drive - check that your vehicle is operating properly.
  • Vehicle manuals – make sure you have any manuals pertaining to the proper use of your campervan to which your customers can refer during the rental.

 If you have planned for a warm welcome for your guests, don’t forget to arrange anything you need, for example a welcome gift or tea and coffee, beforehand. Owners who go the extra mile for their customers more 5* reviews!

What happens when I hand over the vehicle on collection?

If you have done all of your preparation prior to the customer arriving, this should be a relatively easy process for both you and your customer. Firstly, you will want to check their ID to make sure that the customer is your customer.

Then you will want to introduce your camper. Consider that the person renting your camper might not be familiar with your type of vehicle. Show them how the features of your camper work, what is hidden where? How do different facilities work like the gas or the electric hook up? Is there anything unusual about your camper that they should be aware of? Always leave time to answer any questions that they may have about your vehicle.

You may also want to take them for a short test drive so they can familiarise themselves with driving your campervan, especially for older vehicles that may have more quirks. And always highlight what fuel your camper takes!

You should take the time, with the customer, to check the campervan for any pre-existing damage and agree on this before they leave. This will then be marked on the Just Kampers Hire App and agreed by both you and the customer.

If you are using your own hire insurance policy, then you must ensure that you have checked your policy and know what documents or information you need from the customer when they collect your camper to validate the policy. You can note this in your campervan listing but we recommend that you also reconfirm any details with the client once you have their contact details on confirmation of their booking.

And finally, run over the Ground Rules one last time and your expectations from them on return of your vehicle.

 During times of COVID-19, you might also want to run through the health and safety measures you have put in place and what your expectations are of the customer.

What happens when the vehicle is returned?

The customer will meet you at the agreed time and place so that you can do the handover of your vehicle.

You will want to review your inventory to make sure that all items are returned in good condition. You will also want to review the condition of your vehicle and compare to the details that you submitted on our app when the customer collected the vehicle.

In your Ground Rules you will have chosen if you want your camper to be returned clean and the level of fuel you want in your tank. You will want to check these rules have been met.

If everything is as expected; the condition remains unchanged and the inventory is complete, then you submit these details on our app and both you, and the customer, agree to this before the customer goes on their way.

If there are any discrepancies in any of the above on return, then you must note these on our app and submit this to our team. Both you and the customer must agree to the points noted and our team will follow up with anything that may need taking from the Security Deposit or any disputes that may need mediating.

What happens if the customer is late for pick-up or it is returned late?

We believe your customer will have the good intention of arriving to collect your camper in a timely manner and you may be able to help them to do so with some best practice. You could message them 24 hours prior to collection to remind them of the agreed meeting time and advise them of any road works, the best route to take and maybe ask them to let you know if they think they might be running late on the day.

If your customer is late for return of your vehicle, they should let you know in as soon as possible. If they return your vehicle late, they will be charged a fee of £75 for every hour that it is overdue as per our terms and conditions..

What happens is the vehicle hasn’t been refuelled on return?

When setting up your vehicle listing, you set your preference on how full you want the camper’s fuel level to be when the customers return, you can choose ‘full’, ‘half full’ or ‘empty’. Most owners opt to rent it out full and have it returned to them full.

If the vehicle hasn’t been refuelled to the level you have stated on your Ground Rules of your listing you should notify us as soon as possible after return. You will need to fill up your vehicle and send us the receipt within 2 hours of return. We will then take this out of the customer's security deposit and it will be refunded to you.

What happens is the vehicle hasn’t been cleaned on return?

If you selected that you wanted your vehicle to be returned clean by the customer but this has not been completed as discussed then, as per our terms and conditions, you can charge cleaning costs of £10 per 15 minutes up to a maximum of £150.

You would need to provide evidence to Just Kampers Hire and, if this falls within our terms and conditions. we will take any cleaning charges from the Security Deposit of the customer.

If it is evident that pets or smokers have been in the vehicle which is not permitted by you, then you may submit your case to our Customer Services team and you may be able to charge for professional cleaning costs.


COVID-19: Just Kampers Hire knows that everyone wants something to look forward to in the current times. We have therefore implemented a COVID-19 cancellation policy giving the customer the confidence to make bookings in the face of uncertainty. Please see our Rental Terms and Conditions for more information.

What is your COVID-19 cancellation policy?

If a booking is unable to be fulfilled due to government restrictions on travel as a result of COVID-19, then we may cancel your booking. We will aim to notify both the customer and owner 10 days prior to the departure; however government restrictions may come info affect after this time meaning this decision can be taken up to 24 hours prior to departure.

If a booking is cancelled we will issue a credit for the full value of the booking that must be used with the same owner within 12 months of the original scheduled departure date.

Can I choose what cancellation conditions apply when booking?

At time of writing we have 2 cancellation policies available for you to choose so you can select the one that best suits you and how you want to manage your bookings and campervan rental.

Both policies make sure that you have peace of mind when someone is booking your vehicle but offer different levels of flexibility to the customer.

Standard Cancellation

  • £150 non-refundable deposit at time of booking.
  • Full payment made at 6 weeks.
  • If the customer cancels the booking between 6 weeks to 11 days prior to collection - £150 deposit to you or 50% of the total booking price, whichever is greater, minus our commission.
  • 10 days or less - 100% charge, you receive the full booking price minus our commission.

Flexible Cancellation

  • No deposit at time of booking
  • Full payment made at 30 days
  • If the customer cancels the booking between 29 - 11 days prior to collection - 10% goes to you minus our commission, the remaining balance is held by us as a credit to use towards a booking with your camper within in 12 months
  • 10 days or less - 100% charge, you receive the full booking price minus our commission.

Full details of the cancellation policies can be found in Appendix B of our terms and conditions.

Can I cancel a confirmed booking?

Once a booking is confirmed with you, this is done in good faith and should you need to cancel booking after this time you would be subject to the cancellation policy set out in Appendix B of our terms and conditions.

The only exception to this is if your cancelling is due to Force Majeure and then you shall not be liable for any cancellation fees, save for the administrative costs incurred by Just Kampers Hire. Further details can be found in Clause 5 in our terms and conditions.

Can a traveller cancel a confirmed booking?

Once a booking is confirmed between you and the customer, this is done in good faith and the customer will be subject to the terms of the cancellation policy that you have selected when setting up your listing.

View Appendix B of our terms and conditions.

When does Force Majeure occur?

Force Majeure is any circumstance not within a party’s reasonable control including, without limitation: acts of God, flood or other natural disaster; epidemic or pandemic (excluding COVID-19); terrorist attack, civil commotion or riots, fire, explosion or accident; any labour or trade dispute, strikes, industrial action or lockouts; non-performance by third parties and interruption or failure of utility service. Further details can be found in our terms and conditions.


What is the rental agreement and where can I find it?

We have a rental agreement in place to make hiring out your booking easy and safe. All bookings made on our platform are subject to these terms and conditions and all users are bound by these once they create an account on Just Kampers Hire.

View our full Hire Terms and Conditions here.

What if my campervan gets damaged during hire?

If there is damage to your camper on return, you may want to use our guide to Fair Wear and Tear vs. Damage to help you determine the next steps. This is intended as a guide only to assist you when assessing ‘damage’.

All damage must be recorded on our app when the vehicle is returned and both you, and the customer, must agree to what has been detailed before submission.

Depending on the severity of the damage it may need to be referred to your insurer, if using your own insurance policy, or if using the Just Kampers Insurance for hire drivers, the customer will need to follow this up as instructed within their policy.

If the damage is not covered by your insurance, this can be noted in the app and followed up with our Customer Services team to see if we may be able to use Security Deposit. We take a Security Deposit of £750 for all bookings.

If the damage occurs while the customer is on their trip, they should photograph this as soon as possible and let you know. They may be able to get a quote to repair this before their return but this would only be with your agreement.

If damage means that the vehicle is no longer safe to drive then you must contact the breakdown service so that the vehicle can be repaired on the scene or returned to you. Again, any damages need to be noted on our app for submission which is approved by both parties.

I want to include a few rules when renting out my vehicle? Where do I state these rules?

In ‘My Listing’ you can choose your Ground Rules, these include:

  • Pet friendly
  • European Travel
  • Festivals
  • Winter Sports
  • Maximum Age
  • Minimum Age
  • Return Clean
  • Fuel Level on Return

All listings are also subject to our terms and conditions which help keep you and your van safe.

You may have other guidelines or recommendations that you would like the customer to follow e.g refuel at a certain petrol station or provide proof of address to validate your insurance. If this is the case, we ask that you detail this in your vehicle description, perhaps titled ‘Important Information’ to help highlight this. You may also want to have a standard template that you message to the customer once they have booked to reconfirm these details but they should be details already noted in your listing so these are not new information to a customer once the booking is confirmed.

Can I charge if a rule has been broken?

Yes, you can charge the customer if your Ground Rules are broken, for example, you can charge cleaning costs of £10 per 15 minutes up to a maximum of £150 if your van is returned dirty when you had requested it to be clean on return.

If you believe a rule has been broken such as agreed mileage, no smoking, taking pets, then you should record evidence of this and contact our customer services team to see if this may be applicable to be taken from the customer’s Security Deposit.

 Further details can be found in our terms and conditions

What should I do if the traveller has a problem on their trip?

We recommend that you are easily contactable while a customer is on their trip so that any issues they may have on the road can be quickly resolved. As someone with experience of campervan holidays, you may be offer simple advice that will help them continue on their way with little inconvenience.

In the event of breakdown, the customer should have details of their provider and contact then but they should also notify you as soon as possible.

What should I do If I am unable to resolve an issue with a booking?

If there is an issue with a booking, firstly you should try to find reach an acceptable agreement between you and the customer.

What do I do if a fine comes in for the customer after the rental?

If you receive a fine from a booking then we ask that you pay this in good time to avoid late payment fees. You should then send the fine notice, and proof of payment, over to our Customer Services team and we will follow this up with the customer to receive payment from them and refund you.

Can I enter an additional cost after the deposit has been released?

No, once the Security Deposit has been returned you cannot request further costs. The Security Deposit is returned to the customer 7 days after the vehicle is returned to you and both parties must agree to the condition report that is submitted on our app.

The exception to this is if parking or speeding fines come in after the Security Deposit is returned. In this instance you should send details of the fine, and proof of payment, to our Customer Services team and we will follow this up with the customer to obtain payment and refund you.

I do not want to repair a damage, can I still claim from the traveller?

If you want to charge for damage, this should be done with the intention that you will repair your van to its former condition. Therefore, you can only claim from the traveller if you have proof that you have put the vehicle in for repair and details of the associated costs.